Friday, September 16, 2016

Life Lately

It's been quite the busy week over here!  After not feeling well Wednesday night, Tyler and I ended up spending most of the day Thursday in the emergency room.  They ran a few tests and found out that he had appendicitis - not going to lie, I was hoping it was more along the lines of a bad stomach bug.  Luckily they were able to get him into surgery within a few hours of finding out (and before his appendix ruptured!) and I was actually able to bring him home that night.  Modern medicine is so crazy, right??  He is sore but already feeling better.  Maybe the biggest downside to his recovery is that he can't lift anything more than ten pounds for 4-6 weeks, which means no holding a certain twenty-something pound tiny human who frequently enjoys climbing him like a monkey.  He's also not supposed to do much physical activity, so it looks like I might be finally learning how to use a lawnmower at twenty-seven years old. ;)  Of course we are feeling very grateful that everything worked out and his surgery went well, but even more so after hearing the man who Tyler was briefly sharing a room with a the hospital talking to his family about how he was just given eight months to live (at most) on Thursday.  Definitely puts things into perspective.  Life is way too short.

Other than spending thirteen hours at the hospital and unexpectedly having an organ removed, the rest of our week was spent making a pretty good dent in some organization + cleaning around the house.  We (or I guess I) am planning to get some more done this weekend - tiny helper in tow! ;)  I also have a brand new phone after mine died last weekend.  Ironically, Tyler had just ordered me a new one the night before it just stopped turning on altogether.  I picked the one with four times the amount of storage I had before so I won't have to be constantly deleting photos to make room for more and have already gotten some use out of it! ;)  Thought I'd share some photos from this past week and the few I still have from last weekend... still working on getting the photos off my old phone that I didn't have backed up, fingers crossed!!

Picking up nine hundred sprinkles out of the booth before we left was worth it to see the excitement on her face when I gave her that pink donut. ;)

Happy weekend!!


  1. So glad Tyler is ok & starting to feel better! He'll be back to throwing that sweet girl around in no time! Definitely crazy how short life is (& I for one have become painfully more aware of that after having the kiddos!). Time flies! Ellie is the cutest with her donut, my favorite kind! Ps. 27 & never mowed a lawn either! Whoops! Haha

    1. Thank you, love!! It's so crazy how fast time goes by now that Ellie's around. :( Also, I'm glad I'm not alone in the whole never mowing the lawn thing haha!


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