Monday, September 19, 2016

Our Weekend

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who sent well wishes our way!  I realize it's not like Tyler had brain surgery or anything crazy like that, but it is still certainly a small adjustment not having him able to help out much - even small things like helping put Ellie to bed or taking out the trash are certainly missed. ;)  On that note, we had lots of help this weekend getting some stuff done around the house and are so grateful for it all.  

It was a productive weekend, but not a whole lot of excitement to report.  The weather was super chilly Saturday morning (in the forties!) but in the eighties + humid by Sunday afternoon.  We did lots of cleaning + got lots of fresh air - I'm totally trying to soak it all up knowing it'll be completely freezing outside again before we know it!

Girlfriend is obsessed with belly buttons and will gladly pull up her shirt (and ours) to give them a nice poke.  Where she learns these things?  I have know idea, but I do know that "belly" is one of the small handful of words she says right now and her infatuation with everyone's bellies pretty makes it obvious why that is!

Ellie has been loving going for walks in her stroller so we've been going almost every day.  It's a quick loop - just about a mile - but it's within my comfort zone in case she decides she wants to be home five minutes ago. You know what I mean? Here she is Sunday morning, one pigtail, no clothes, gold shoes + makeup smeared on her face.  Hot mess express.  I'm just thankful she was wearing a diaper when she climbed in her stroller. ;)

 We're looking forward to having daddy home for the next couple days with us so Monday certainly seems a little bit happier over here!  Hope you all have a great start to your week! :)

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