Monday, September 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch + Weekend Fun

Saturday afternoon was sunny + just the right temperature to feel like fall without piling on a million layers to keep warm.  We decided to bring Ellie to the pumpkin patch for the first time and she had so much fun! :)

I was envisioning a pick-your-own kinda pumpkin patch, but this was more of a pumpkin trail that made a small loop around the field.  All of the pumpkins along the trail were pre-cut and ready to be picked up, carried for five steps + dropped on the ground - repeat two hundred times over.  Basically, it was a toddler's dream.  Ellie especially loved the small white ones (the only ones we ended up bringing home from the patch) and romping through the field in-between the two sides of the trail to check out the big, green pumpkins that were still growing on the vines.

"You serious, Clark?"

Surprisingly enough, I don't think any pumpkins ended up in Ellie's mouth, but she did end up sniffing a few along the way. ;)  We grabbed some apple-flavored everything at the farm stand on our way out and have already spent countless hours carrying around our three little white pumpkins at home. :)

Rewinding quickly to Saturday morning, I can't even deal with Ellie in this outfit.  I just wanted to try her skirt on her since it was too big last time I tried it, but just about died when she realized it would float up when she twirled around.  HEART EYES TIMES ONE MILLION.  Yes, I am shouting right now.  Absolutely no regrets buying it in both colors and p.s. it's on super sale right now! ;)

Sunday we had a picnic at the playground, which really involved Ells taking two bites of lunch before running around collecting rocks and Tyler + I shoveling food in our face as fast as we could before Ellie took off to the slides - her favorite! :)

It was a perfect first weekend of fall, for sure.  Hope yours was just as sweet!

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