Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hellooo, Friday. Ellie’s cold spread like crazy (surprise, surprise), which meant it was a week of early bedtimes (or at least attempts) and sniffles for all.  This picture of Ellie watching TV pretty much sums up how we’ve been feeling the past few days.

Fingers crossed we all feel a little better in time to enjoy some of the weekend!

First off, we are a little late to the game but we watched the first episode of This Is Us this week and are hooked!! You guys, I never watch TV.  Like, I’m pretty sure the last show I watched regularly was Gossip Girl if that gives you any idea about what I mean when I say I don’t watch TV, but this is definitely an exception. Can't wait to catch up on the other episodes this weekend before the next new one!  Huge bonus points for finding a show that hubs enjoys watching too.  It's kind of like a date-night-in, right?

For those of you who asked about Ellie’s kitty slippers in the past, I think they’re only available in infant sizes but am so excited to have found these ones to replace them!  They’ve been ordered and I plan to put into Ellie’s stocking this year.  I just know she will love them! ;)

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of budget-friendly winter boots for Ellie that are both functional and cute, which has proven to harder than I had thought. Or maybe I’m just picky… either way, obsessed with these duck boots!

Target is already putting out their Christmas stuff and I am not even the slightest bit mad about it. Fa la la la la la la la la.  However, if you haven’t gotten some already, be sure to check out the Mrs. Meyers fall scents for soap + dish soap (found on the most random, tiniest display ever at my Target).  The mum scent is just too good.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have already seen this, but this adorable Etsy shop is celebrating their five year anniversary and has some awesome deals + sales going on!  Check out their Instagram page
for more details.

Loving this fallfireplace décor idea, if you have a fireplace that you don’t actually intend on using. ;)  It could totally take you right through to Thanksgiving.  Also, have I mentioned how excited I am to have a fireplace (a mantel!) in our new house?!

  Lastly, I realize after my last post, some of you may have thought that all I feed my child is ice cream, cake pops + chocolate covered pretzels.  I think she had about four licks of Tyler's ice cream cone and two nibbles of a pretzel before she chucked it on the floor.  Of course, she always finishes her cake pops though! ;)  Anyway... Ellie is a huge snacker and doesn't always eat junk food.  She is not at all picky when it comes to things that she likes, but occasionally will go bananas over something one day and want nothing to do with it the next (#lifewithtoddlers?).  One thing she consistently seems to enjoy is when I put a small variety of snacks in our ceramic egg crate for her to eat! Not sure if it's the mix of foods, the fact that she gets to dig through each little "bucket", or both; regardless, it's always a hit.  Here's a random one from earlier this week - muffin pans work great if you have more than one pint-sized cutie to feed! :)

Hope you have a good weekend!

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