Monday, October 3, 2016

Our Weekend

 Do you ever stop and think to yourself: "why on earth am I awake making cookies at 10:30 on a Friday night?".   For the love of all things festive, folks.  I had it set in my mind that I wanted to decorate cookies with Ellie on Saturday morning, but wanted to have the cookies made beforehand so it wouldn't turn into an all day affair.  After Tyler helped me dig my letter cookie cutters out from our giant pile of storage bins in the basement,  I knew there was no turning back. ;)  The cookies were freshly baked on the kitchen counter when Ellie woke up on Saturday morning - October FIRST!

Ellie and I got straight to decorating right after breakfast.  She seemed to really enjoy it, of course sampling all of the toppings was probably her favorite part of all.  She especially loved the little sugar eyeballs that I grabbed a few months ago at Target for occasions such as this! ;)  It was all kinds of messy, but cookie decorating was good practice for Christmas... just the thought of which kind of makes me want to do a back flip into a cup of s'mores hot chocolate with "Elf" playing in the background immediately (if not sooner).

 I gave Ellie her "boo basket" afterwards and will share what was in it + some more festive ideas later this week!  In the afternoon, we headed over to Tyler's parents' house where Ellie got to do one of her favorite things - jump on the trampoline!  But not before she rode some of her sugar high off on her piggy rocker. ;)  This thing has been one of Ellie's favorite toys lately now that she can climb up on it all by herself and it is way too cute.

It was pretty gloomy out all weekend, but the rain held out for most of the day Sunday.  We went grocery shopping in the morning and of course I had to check out all of the pumpkins they had displayed out front!  I am notorious for asking Tyler to go all over creation looking for some extra cool-looking pumpkins, so I was SO happy (and a little surprised) to see so many pretty ones at our local Stop & Shop!  We had our cart half-filled before we even got into the store.

We put our new babies out on our front steps, which Ellie promptly rearranged fifty-five times after her afternoon nap.  Tyler's dad also gave us one of the pumpkins he grew when we were over there on Saturday and it fits in perfectly with the bunch!  Totally makes me want to grow our own next year... we'll see how well that works out. :)

tee // boots // vest is from Baby Gap last fall (finally fits her!!), similar here

I made chicken noodle soup for Sunday dinner and tried using this recipe for the first time.  It was really good, but not-so-soupy.  I am also notorious for not following recipes but I did a pretty good job at following this one and totally could have used another thing or two of chicken broth.  Regardless, we will definitely be making it again!

If you have a favorite soup recipe, I'd love to hear!! 'Tis the season for soup-making! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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