Monday, October 10, 2016

Our Weekend

It was nice to have a long, low-key weekend - something about three day weekends always makes the week afterwards seem nineteen days long though, no?  Saturday afternoon was pretty mild out so we decided to go on a family ice cream date!  The place we've been going to lately had a huge corn maze and all kinds of activities for kids who are a little bigger than Ellie, but she still had fun people watching, animal watching and running around through the leaves like a crazy girl!  Also, I tried pumpkin flavored ice cream for the first time - because how could I resist?!  It was pretty good, but I think it would be even better with something like a slice of apple pie on the side!

Afterwards, we decided to do our grocery shopping while we were ready and out the door... always the hardest part of shopping over here!  A mummy cake pop from Ellie's favorite barista + a shopping partner who suggested we look at in the clothing section while we were at Target made for two happy girls! ;) 

We spent Sunday at my parents' house, visiting and watching the Patriots game of course!  Today we just ended up relaxing at home.  The sun was shining for really the first time all weekend and although it was much cooler, Ellie and I were so happy for a sunny day!!  Poor Ells is fighting a little bit of a cold, so we've spent a good portion of the day wiping boogies away + watching Room on the Broom on repeat.  I hate a sick baby, but a little bit of extra snuggles aren't so bad!  Ellie doesn't usually sit still for very long, so I had to capture her sweet little snuggles... even if she dropped a half eaten chocolate covered banana in my lap to do so - I don't dare move in a snuggly-situation like that. ;)

I made some festive chocolate covered pretzels for Ellie while she took her afternoon nap and we made sure to get some chilly fresh air afterwards. :)

Apologies in advance if things get a tiny bit slower on here over the next month or so!  Instead of five hundred other things I should be doing, it's now more like a thousand (including sleep), but I'll probably still be posting a couple times a week or so. :)  

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

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