Monday, October 17, 2016

Sixteen, Seventeen + Eighteen Month Favorites

Ellie will be eighteen months old next week, can you even believe it?!  It feels like after she turned one, she really started to turn into a little girlOf course it's sad to think about my baby not being such a tiny baby anymore, but watching her grow is also so much fun!  With new ages come new things to love, so today I'm sharing some of Ellie's faves from the past few months! :)

Piggy rocker - This was one of Ellie's birthday gifts this year.  Even though she was already running around + climbing like a monkey by the time she turned one, it took her a little while to be able to climb up on the rocker by herself.  It's made for ages 18 months+, which I can totally understand because it is pretty tall and wide around making it difficult for littler kids to get up on it by themselves.  Ellie loves this thing so much more now that she can climb on and rock herself (so hard she scoots herself all the way across the floor!).  It's crazy cute and something I know she will love for a long time.

Mother Goose Club Playhouse - This show is such a lifesaver.  Sometime within the past few months, we came to a point where I feel comfortable leaving Ellie alone in a room by herself for short periods of time (like if I'm making us breakfast, not like I'm leaving her unattended for an hour at a time), and this show is the best at keeping her attention.  It's super obnoxious, but it's definitely worth it if I want to get anything done... or just sit on the couch for a few minutes! ;)  We have Amazon Fire TV, so I'll put it on YouTube for her and it will just play for hours.  I honestly don't remember the last time I put on cable for her to watch - YouTube videos (Chu Chu TV, anyone?!) or Netflix are the way to go in Ellie's world.

Makeup - Another lifesaver... for my makeup at least!  I really wanted to save this idea to give it to Ellie for Christmas this year, but she was hardcore ruining my makeup because she loved to play with it, so I ended up getting it for her about a month ago and she has really loved it so far.  I wasn't sure if she would call me out on it being fake, but it feels pretty real and she loves doing anyone's makeup who lets her! :)

Stuffed kitty - I think she actually got it as a Christmas gift before she was even born, so I'm not sure why the infatuation now but I'm not complaining!  Ellie loves cuddling and knowing that someone is there when she's sleeping.  Almost every night when I go check on Ells before I go to bed, she's holding onto this kitty tight and it completely melts my heart into a puddle.

Slide - Another first birthday gift that has been so loved!  I completely forgot to put this in last time I did one of these monthly updates, so I thought it'd include it this time around. Up the down, down the up, up the up and down the down - repeat two hundred times over every single day.  Hands down one of Ellie's all time favorite toys.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Juice bars -  We have a not-so-funny running joke that whenever we find something new that we love at our grocery store, they stop selling it.  I found these juice bars over the summer at our Stop & Shop and Ellie loved them - they're great for teething and the packaging makes for minimal melty messes!  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this exact kind anywhere anymore.  Help!

Of course Ellie has tons of toys + books that she loves, but these are just a few that stand out in my mind the most.  We're still loving many of our past favorites, which can all be found here. :)

Next on our list is potentially potty training!! I haven't committed to this yet, and I know she is young, but she is very interested in the big girl potty these days.  Of course, the thought of not paying for diapers is also pretty enticing. ;)  We have a potty and I have read a tiny bit, but would love to hear if there are any methods or things that worked especially well for you and your kids if you've been through this rodeo a time or two already before.  My (hopefully realistic) goal is to have it down by the time she turns two. I will certainly update here if we give potty training a shot.  For now, I'm just going to let the tiny plastic potty chair intimidate me from the other side of the room. ;)

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