Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

As promised, today I'm sharing some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for toddlers!  These are things that are either on Ellie's wish list this year, things we already have + love, or things that I'm going to keep in mind as future gift ideas.  I also wanted to share some gifts that you might not necessarily find walking the aisles of Target or Toys R Us - there are so many awesome toys out there, but I love finding fun, unique gifts too that don't necessarily require batteries!

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Ellie will be getting a play kitchen as her big gift this year.  We've been picking out some accessories + food to go with it (who knew there was so much to choose from?!), including this very realistic coffee maker that I'm pretty sure is going to blow her mind.  I eventually would love to set up a corner of Ellie's playroom with a couple low hanging shelves to put the overflow of kitchen food + accessories on.  I think it would help keep things a little more organized and make us less likely to lose small pieces of play food in the ever-so-dangerous toy basket black hole.

We plan to have her kitchen put together + ready for her to play on Christmas morning, plus I think she'd be even more excited if her little fridge was already stocked when she opened the door. ;)  I want to have a couple things for Ellie to unwrap of course, so I'm planning on picking out a few small things, like books + puzzles, to complete her wish list for this year.

 I realize pajamas + a quilt might not be the most exciting gifts for a toddler to open on Christmas morning, but I do like the idea of gifting something kids need as well.  Everything else I've included I think would be child-approved though!  That play table is ridiculously cheap (perfect if your kid is a little crayon-happy like mine) and there are tons of makeover ideas on Pinterest - this one wins as the prettiest in my book!  Plus, how adorable is that deer stuffed animal?!  I'm the biggest sucker for "different" stuffed animals and the deer just seems extra festive for the occasion.

I am so excited, or maybe I should say curious, to see what Ellie's reaction is going to be on Christmas morning this year.  It's still a little tough since she can't tell us what she wants, but I'm also kind of enjoying just being able to pick out whatever I think she's going to like best!  Ells was eight months old last Christmas (you can find last year's wish list here), and if I recall correctly, she required a nap halfway during present-opening Christmas morning... so, her reaction this time around has got to be a little more excited than that, right? ;)

If you have any fun gifting ideas, I really would love to hear!! I've been anti-pressing the "checkout" button on so many things because I've had such a hard time choosing what to get.  The struggle is very real.  Next up is stocking stuffers, which I'll be sharing soon.  Happy shopping, Santas!


  1. so we may have the same minds because I got my daughter almost everything on your Christmas list last year and for her birthday :-) a couple things she may like that my daughter at that age is a apron and hat set, winter boots, a purse for little trinket toys, color wonder sets and new bath toys

    1. Thanks for the recommendations!! I was definitely thinking of picking up some color wonder markers! She has been coloring with (washable) crayons on every surface possible so they seem a little less messy. ;)


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