Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloweekend 2016

I will admit that our "Halloween season" wasn't exactly all that I had dreamed it would be this year.  We just have so much other stuff going on, life has been a little chaotic but we did manage to get in some Halloween fun this weekend anyway!

We did "trick-or-treat" at my parents' house on Sunday.  I had originally planned months ago for Ellie to be a deer and even made her some ears already, but decided to change her costume the day before to a piggy!  Why a pig?  Well, first off she seems to really like them and has perfected her piggy snort like a champ.  Secondly, we were watching Charlotte's Web on Saturday so it might have inspired me a little bit. ;)  I really wanted to try to put together a costume from things we had on hand already, especially since she's not yet at the point where she gets excited about dressing up as something.  The dress and shoes we already had, so all I had to do was make some ears and a tail!  For the ears, I used leftover felt from Ellie's birthday party and the tail is the same just wrapped around a pipe cleaner and safety-pinned on the dress.  It was definitely the easiest costume on the planet to put together, but I think she looked pretty darn cute! :)

In the end, I was glad I held off on the deer.  I was hoping to put a little deer-esq face paint on her to seal the deal, but after she excitedly sat down for me to put a kitty nose + whiskers on her only to decide after one line of black eyeliner down her nose that she was completely all set, it was clear I made the right choice. ;)  Maybe next year!

The rest of our weekend was pretty quiet.  We gave Ellie her very first cup of chocolate milk and half-carved a pumpkin one morning before we had to head out the door.  Halloween morning was spent at the doctor's for Ellie's 18 month well check - arguably the scariest place on earth in her mind.  We spent the rest of the day cuddling on the couch while Ells pointed out her boo-boos from her shots nine hundred times for me to kiss them and we indulged on a few treats we got the day before.  Turns out Ellie doesn't care for Junior Mints... luckily I know a girl who does! ;)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!  And a big, warm welcome to the most wonderful time of the year!

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