Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The More the Merrier: Announcing Baby Noel #2!!!

I can hardly contain my excitement as I'm sitting here writing this post!  We are thrilled + feeling so grateful to announce that we're expecting our second baby in June 2017!!!!!

We found out the big news back in the beginning of October.  I wasn't "feeling pregnant" yet (i.e. not sick, tired, etc.) and really had no reason to think I was pregnant other than the fact that we were trying... but I guess that's reason enough?  Anyway, for some reason I felt like I had to take a test that day in particular and within just a few seconds, two pink lines showed up on the screen.  I was so happy, a little surprised but at the same time it just felt so right, like I knew it was going to happen.  It was a Sunday morning so Tyler was home with us and I had Ellie bring the test out to the living room to show him.  He looked up and totally brushed it off as if she was just walking around the house with a pregnancy test in hand (I guess her rummaging through the bathroom cabinet isn't that unheard of), but gave it a second glance after I told him to actually look at it. We were SO excited!  I was so happy that I took the test that day when he was home - the immediate reaction + emotions are just the best, right?!

We shared our news with our family + close friends over the next couple weeks and I had my first doctor's appointment + ultrasound the beginning of November.  My doctor confirmed that I was nine weeks along at the time and that my official due date is June 7th!  Of course we will be finding out the gender because neither of us are patient enough to wait and the suspense has already been killing us!  I would love for Ellie to have a sister since I loved growing up with mine so much.  Plus, I really wouldn't complain about getting another use out of Ellie's (somewhat extensive) wardrobe. ;)  I would also love to have a little mama's boy and get to see Tyler experience life with a son - I'm pretty sure baby would be born with a football in his hands. :)  We will be more than happy either way and absolutely cannot wait to give Ellie a sibling!!

Our babies will be about 25 months apart in age, depending on whether baby #2 decides to arrive early like big sister did.  I have a feeling that I would be saying this if we had our second earlier or later too, but the timing just feels right for us.  We're happy that they will be close in age, but that Ells will won't be so little when baby #2 arrives.  We know that she will be a big help as she already is with herself quite a bit! :) Of course, I wouldn't mind if she was sleeping through the night before June comes around though.  You've got six months, girlfriend. ;)

Yes, this is definitely another reason (probably the bigger of the two) that this space has a little bit more quiet than usual.  Selling our house has been time consuming but getting through the first trimester exhaustion while keeping up with a toddler is no joke.  I totally took for granted the opportunity to snooze away weekend afternoons when I was pregnant with Ellie! ;)  For the most part I've been in bed shortly after Ellie has been, which is really the only time I have to get over to this space.  Thankfully nausea has been pretty mild considering what it could be, just as it was with my first pregnancy.  I've had my fair share of saltines + ginger ale with a handful of food aversions that I can't even smell without gagging (coffee, tacos + chili to name a few), but there are still many things that I wouldn't mind eating in extra large quantities (and usually do). :)

Lastly, I do plan on putting together weekly bump posts again!  They will likely be a few days behind each week since the weekends are really the only time Tyler's home in daylight hours to take my picture (at least at this time of year), but I love having them from when Ellie was in my belly so I knew I had to commit to doing it again for round two.  Cannot wait to share this experience with all of you again!!


  1. Ahhhhh!! I'm so excited for your little family to have a new addition! Ellie will be such a great big sister just knowing the fantastic little personality she has from your posts. Can't wait to follow your journey! You're an incredible woman! Stay awesome girl!

    1. You are way too sweet. Thank you so much Maggie! Hope all is well with you! :)

  2. congrats girlfriend! so excited for you!


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