Monday, November 21, 2016

The No Nap Ninja

The No Nap Ninja has struck two days in a row at our house.  And by that, I mean absolutely no nap - not a wink of shut-eye between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Sunday was the first day of Ellie's life that she didn't nap even for just a very short period of time.  I was a little bit frustrated because I obviously had things I wanted to get done during her nap time like I usually do.  Today, I kept my expectations low and a day without a nap really didn't seem that bad.  Surprisingly enough, Ellie was in a really good mood the past two days. She usually gets pretty moody around dinner time, but if anything it seemed like she was happier than usual - she listened to me better than she usually does and didn't cry when I shut off her precious TV when it was time for it to "nap" or "go to sleep" at night like she normally would.  Instead of her afternoon nap, we had quiet time and read books + colored in her color books.  On Saturday when we tried to put Ells down for her nap, she had hands-down the biggest meltdown she's ever had.  She was completely inconsolable even after we had totally given up on trying to get her to sleep.  She actually ended up napping for two and a half hours after falling asleep while I read one of her favorite books (which never happens).

Most of you reading this probably already know that Ellie has never been the greatest of sleepers - no, she still didn't sleep through the night even without any sort of nap.  The fact that she didn't nap two days a row slightly frightens me because she almost seemed like she didn't need it... and she is way (WAY) too young to be giving up nap time completely already.  Plus, if you're a mom, there's a 99.99% chance you'll agree that a little daytime snooze is kind of essential to your sanity, right? ;)  Like I said, Ellie was actually really well-behaved without a nap so I almost feel guilty saying that... maybe there is such a thing as an eighteen month sleep regression?  Maybe this is just a phase?  Either way, tomorrow is a new day and I am keeping my fingers crossed for an hour or so of peace + quiet to fold laundry and pick up crushed up cereal off the living room floor before the Ellie-nado rolls through again. :)

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