Monday, December 26, 2016

16 Weeks

How far along:  16 weeks.
Gender:  Our guess is definitely boy!  We are pretty set on a girl name but boy names seem so much more difficult.  I may have thought of a winner this week though!
Belly button in or out:  In.
Maternity clothes:  Same as before, really just maternity jeans and leggings.
Stretch marks:  Nothing yet.
Sleep:  Not bad, but starting to get sore hips from sleeping on my side.  I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with Ellie.
Best moment of the week:  Watching Ellie play with all of her new toys on Christmas!
Worst moment of the week:  Sickness has been spreading through our house this week, which totally sucks.
Miss anything:  A giant grinder.  Extra pickles, please.
Movement:  Felt a few kicks this week!!
Cravings:  Nothing too specific this week.  Although, I wouldn't mind a nice cheese pizza all to myself at this exact moment.
Queasy or sick:  Feeling good.
Looking forward to:  My doctor's appointment this week - love getting to hear baby's heartbeat! :)

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