Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Happenings

Clearly we've had so much going on lately, and the next few weeks will definitely be exciting! First off, this Friday marks my very last day of work!!  Well, for now at least.  I am SO looking forward to getting to stay home with Ellie for awhile.  It seems like the perfect opportunity to get settled into our new home + spend some time with my girl before baby number two arrives late spring.

We're officially moving in about a week and a half, which means we'll be up to our eyeballs in boxes + packaging tape all of next week.  I attempted packing a few boxes with Ellie's help the other day, and got a whopping four boxes taped together and one box filled in an entire day's time.  Luckily Tyler is taking a few days off from work before we move, so the plan is to hit the ground running + get it done as quickly as possible!  My parents' new house isn't quite ready yet, so we will be crashing with them for a couple(ish?) weeks.  It will be six humans + five cats in one house for Christmas - one might say a good old fashioned Griswold Family Christmas, perhaps?  As long as no cats get electrocuted, I'm totally okay with that.  Break out the moose mugs, people!

 If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that we had our very first snow fall of the season this week!  Ellie ended up being less than impressed with the chilly situation, but she looked so cute all bundled up!  I'm not the biggest fan of snow (it tends to linger well into springtime around here), but the first snowfall of the season can be a little bit magical, especially around Christmas time. :)

In an attempt to do something a little festive with my little girlfriend this past weekend, we bypassed the gingerbread house decorating this year and went with cookie decorating instead!  We will definitely be doing a little baking for Santa Claus, but I had to use my favorite cookie cutters one last time before we packed them away. It was messy but she seemed to have fun helping me out (and sampling).  One thing's for sure, Ellie takes sprinkle duty very seriously! ;)

I'm not trying to rush through the season, but at the same time I really can't wait for Christmas to get here!  We've been talking about Santa and watching as many Christmas movies + shows as Ellie will let me put on for her before she decides she's sick of them, so I can't wait to see if any of it seems to click when the big day comes. :)

Aside from all of that, we're also trying to soak up this last bit of time in our house.  We've got plans to hit up our favorite restaurants in the area one last time + are really just enjoying our time here.

So much to look forward to!  I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season as well!

P.S. Ellie's love of lotion in my last post?  I wasn't joking. :)

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