Friday, December 30, 2016

Farewell, 2016!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  We've spent the last week visiting family, fighting colds + playing with new toys.  We also officially closed on our old house, which is such a relief and a little bit bittersweet!  The way things worked, I thought I'd be going back to help Tyler clean but he ended up finishing it up himself (I know, rough life for me), so I never got to say "goodbye" to our little home.  We both agree that it's probably for the best as I'm sure it would have been filled with more of a walk down memory lane than anything... Remember when Ellie said her first word?  Remember when she took her first steps?  Remember when my water broke right here and shit got really real, really fast?  Remember when I woke you up by shoving a pregnancy test in your face + telling you that we were going to be PARENTS?  Remember when we spent a portion of our honeymoon back here because I (temporarily) lost my driver's license and we missed our flight?  We made so many memories in that house, which definitely makes it a bit sad to think about, but we are happy to close out our year by officially having sold our first house.

Things have certainly been a little bit crazy these past few months, 2016 wasn't perfect, not everything went as we had hoped or planned, but we really did have a great year with so many memories that I hope I can bottle up in my mind + keep forever!

There are so many things that we're looking forward to in 2017 - we've got lots of memories to make in this soon-to-be new house of ours and can't wait to watch our family grow.  Cheers (with my sparkling water) to a brand new year, a blank slate + so many good times to come! :)

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