Monday, December 5, 2016

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Today I'm sharing some of the adorable stocking stuffers I've come across in my search this year!  I could totally fill Ellie's stocking with practical things like body lotion, toothpaste + floss and she would love it (maybe ketchup, peanut butter + a bag of chips too), but I won't include those here. ;)  Ellie will be getting a few of these items, others she already has and a couple I'm not sure she would quite be ready for just yet but I'm saving for future gift ideas!

Those kitty slippers were a no-brainer, as well as those glasses since Ellie is obsessed with mine and anyone else who wears them.  Ellie loves her play makeup to put on herself, me or even the cats. ;)  I really can't recommend it enough! That pom hat + a couple pairs of colorful tights were possibly my favorite Black Friday purchases of the year.  They help brighten up a winter wardrobe and will be perfect for when it still feels like winter but we're wishing it were spring!  Bath toys and art supplies seem like stocking stuffer staples.  Ellie will be getting a brand new pack of (washable) crayons since I have no idea where 90% of her current pack ended up.  A book and some fun hair accessories are also cute ideas to fill your little ladies stockings!  Lastly, those adorable undies have been on my Ellie wish list for months and I might have to snatch them up before they're gone.  She likes to do what we do, so I'm thinking some "big girl undies" would be a fun way to motivate her when we seriously give potty training a shot (sometime in the new year).

There are obviously tons of small shops who sell some awesome stocking stuffers as well - Etsy is the place to be! I snagged this mini doll-sized lovey from Stella & Lu (only $5!) that I am super excited about.  I'm not sure if Ellie will use it with her baby dolls or her stuffed animals, but she has been loving them all lately so I thought it was a perfect fit.

Options are pretty much endless and I feel like this list could have gone on forever + ever.  Stocking stuffers were some of my favorite things growing up, so I love trying to think of what Ellie would love to have in hers too.  Have any fun ideas for your cuties?  Please share!! :)

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