Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ellia's Toddler Room Plans + Inspiration

It seems like it's been just about the longest time coming ever, but we are finally getting ready to get started on Ellie's toddler room and I can't wait!  I want to create a space that she will enjoy playing in (and sleeping in), and something that she can grow with over the next few years... or whenever she starts to tell me what she really wants her own room to look like. ;)  I am thinking lots of pink with some floral accents, plenty of space for her favorite books + babies (including her beloved piggy rocker, Penelope), and a mix of old + new things.  Here are some specifics, including that light that's currently on the wish list end of things, but I know Ellie (and I) would go bananas over!

flower pillow // book shelf // E print // bed frame // crystal light // tuffet // paint color // piggy rocker // basket (old from Target)

We'll be starting Ellie off in her crib for now, but plan to try moving her to a twin bed in a couple months.  I suppose we're going to be "evicting" her a little bit because we don't want to get another crib for baby number two only to have Ellie decide after one week she's all set with hers.  We'd probably be moving her around the time she turns two anyway, so it just kind of makes sense and we want to give her a little time to adjust before baby comes.  I honestly have no idea how the move will go over.  I mean, she's slept in our bed enough to know what sleeping in a bed is all about, but I guess we really won't know until we give it a try!  We're bypassing the "toddler beds" and moving her straight to a twin bed, which she will likely stay in until she moves out like I did.  I mentioned this back in the fall, but we found her a vintage twin bed frame on Craiglist that I'm really excited about.  I love the Jenny Lind beds but they're a little bit more money than we were looking to spend.  Ellie's has a similar look and we plan on giving it a little makeover before she's ready to use it! :)

I'm not positive on the paint color for the room, we'll be getting some samples this week to try out our favorites but are definitely thinking a super light pink.  The carpeting in Ellie's room is a purple-y color, so we need to pick something that doesn't clash.  We will likely replace the carpeting down the road, but 1.) it's not in the budget right now, 2.) I don't think it's the smartest thing to put brand new carpeting in the snack (and spill) queen's room, and 3.) it's actually still in pretty good shape.  I'm hoping the color combo doesn't make it look too much like a Barbie Dream Home, but had my heart set on pink for awhile now!  I'll be grabbing a super light grey sample as well just in case. :)

Ellie's new room will be quite a bit bigger than her room in our old house, which makes me so happy.  She'll have tons more closet space, a window bench reading nook (my favorite part of her room!) and plenty of room to potentially share with a baby sister down the road. ;)  I know it will be a work in progress for a little while, but I can't wait to see how it all comes together!!  Follow along on Pinterest for tons more ideas + inspiration!

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