Friday, January 27, 2017

Home Sweet Home

We have finally actually moved into our new house this week and of course are all kinds of excited about it!  We still have tons of boxes to unpack (remembering what and where we packed things over a month ago isn't the easiest) and lots of settling in to do, but it just feels good to be at this point.

All three of us are feeling a little under the weather, which isn't exactly making the unpacking process any easier.   Ellie seems to only want to sleep if she's being held, which of course means she has parked herself in our bed for the time being.  But, I never say "no" to cuddling a sick baby... plus, we still haven't located our baby monitor and her room is still very much a work in process.

Speaking of her room, the trim is kind of close to being done, hopefully within the next week we will have it painted too.  There's just so much to get done around here, it's a little overwhelming!  We decided on pink walls (Light Quartz by Benjamin Moore) and I think it's going to look really cute.  The trim is also BM, and after staring at all very similar but completely different at the same time white paints, Tyler threw in the towel and let me choose. ;)  I went with Chantilly Lace, and now that he sees it in person, he loves it just as much as I do!  Here's a peek (before and in process) at what we've done so far with Ellie's new room - these aren't the greatest pictures but it really helps brighten up the space!

We're really happy with how it's coming out so far and would love to do all the trim in the house eventually.  It looks like we'll have plenty of paint left over to do Willow's room too, so that would be next on our list! :)

While it looks a little bit like a bomb went off in our house right now, I'm trying to enjoy the process of getting settled in, reorganizing, finding new places for all of our things and hopefully de-cluttering a bit.  It's still a little surreal to me that we are here, that our girls will get to grow up in the house that I did, and that the house that we have loved forever is ours.  We're finally home sweet home and couldn't be happier.

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