Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's a GIRL!!!

I am SO excited to share that baby number two is a GIRL!!!!!!

I was a little surprised when we heard the news, but it was very clear to see up on the screen and we found out almost immediately during my ultrasound this morning.  I totally teared up a bit when the tech told Ellie that she was in fact getting a baby sister!  So much excitement!!

Having a sister of my own, I was definitely hoping that Ellie would have a sister too one day.  Ellie and baby sis will be almost exactly the same age difference apart that my sister and I are.  I know they will be the best of friends and cannot wait to watch them grow up together! :)  I'm also looking forward to getting to reuse Ellie's wardrobe - even the sizes and seasons will match up almost exactly!  Of course I'm excited to pick up a few fun, new things for baby girl, but it's nice to have a ton of clothes (and headbands!) ready to go already.  I already told Tyler that this means I have an excuse to continue buying all the cute things for Ellie since we know for sure they will all get handed down now - I'm really buying them for TWO little girls. ;)  Also, bring on ALL the coordinating sister outfits!!

I feel like knowing the gender makes the pregnancy feel so much more real, if that makes sense.  It's nice to know a little bit more about the baby growing in my belly and hearing that she is growing just as she should be feels like the biggest blessing.  We're so happy and cannot wait to meet our newest baby girl in the spring!

I know some people choose not to name their children until they're born or maybe choose to keep their names a secret until then, but this mama cannot handle that kind of secret (surprises aren't exactly my thing)!  Baby girl number two is Willow Grey Noel, a name that Tyler and I both absolutely love and agreed on almost immediately.  We've already been busy trying to get Ellie to call her baby sis "Lo" - she seems to be on board with it too! ;)

"He stood back and told the boys I'm 'bout to rock your world, and God made girls."

We love you so much already, baby girl!!

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