Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Peek at Ellie's Toddler Room

I am so excited to share a little bit of Ellie's toddler room today!  As I mentioned, it's still a work in progress with a couple "toddler room" things still missing.  We're going to spray paint her bed frame white and are waiting for a day warm enough to get it done.  We also have an antique piece of furniture to fix up, which we haven't even started working on yet.  I'm not even sure what to call it - a vanity maybe?  A big mirror with drawers to hold her bows, jewelry + play makeup with a little bench in the middle.  Regardless, we will likely spray paint that white as well and add some new knobs + pulls and it will be ready to go!

For now, we have a section of her room in good shape.  The painting of the trim took quite a bit of time.  If anyone happens to be interested, we very lightly sanded it all down first (more like scuffed up) using scotch bright pads.  We did two coats of primer, then two coats of paint on top of it and it seems to have covered the wood really well.  Then we went ahead and painted the walls pink.  And by we, I really mean Tyler. :)  Trim color is Chantilly Lace and wall color is Light Quartz, both by Benjamin Moore.

Ellie's window bench is by far my favorite part of her room.  Ever since I knew we were buying this house, I pictured this room being Ellie's and knew for sure I wanted to do a little reading nook right here.  A small light, book shelves, pillows, blankets + of course some of her babies were on the list and I love how it came together!

 book shelves // light // pillows are all from Target, flower one is still available here

We hung the light high enough so that Tyler and I could sit under it and read to her, but of course she seems to like to put all the pillows under the book shelves and read.  Either way, we've already spent hours playing, reading and fake sleeping right here and I am loving it. :)

Another thing I really wanted to incorporate into Ellie's room was some kind of way to display some of her dress up clothes + accessories.  I've seen a few really cute larger racks (this one would be perfect!), but knew she really didn't need a giant thing taking up space in her room right now to hold only a handful of things.  Enter the Ikea spice rack!  This is super, super cheap (also available on Amazon) and works perfectly in this space right now.  I primed it first using leftovers from the trim in the room, but just used cheap acrylic paint from Target on it.  I tried a gold bar for something a little "different", but may end up just painting it all white.  Tyler flipped the mounting hardware on the backside upside down and it was good to go!  We are thinking of adding another in this corner, plus I want to get one or two to hang really low in Ellie's closet for doll clothes storage. I really just kind of threw some stuff on there for now, but love how it can be used as a shelf to display things as well as hanging storage!  I'm not a fan of too much clutter, but tutus are too cute to be put away in a closet. :)

 I was able to find a spot for the floral garland that I spent way too many hours making for Ellie's first birthday party around her mirror (which she loves!).  Her bureau is the same one that we used in her nursery - since her closet is significantly bigger than her old one, it is the perfect size to hold her jammies, socks, tights, etc. without being jam-packed. :)

Ellie's new twin bed will go right in the nook that her crib is currently in. I love the slanted ceilings in the room, I think it adds so much character!  Ells went bonkers over that unicorn hanging on the wall at Target last weekend so we pretty much had to take her home.  I also have a small gallery wall planned on the other side of the room, but want to wait to hang it until we get all the furniture in there.  Also, I think an area rug would look really cute since there's a lot of open floor space for playing, but am undecided what I'd like best right now.

unicorn // quilt

It is certainly a work in progress, but there has been a lot of thought (and so much love!) put into this space and I can tell Ellie is enjoying it already!  This room was my sister's at one point in time, and I spent many, many nights sleeping in here instead of my own room right next door.  Willow will have her own room to start, but I know our girls will be making lots of memories in here together and it makes me so happy. :)

If there's anything I didn't link that you'd like to know about, feel free to ask! :)

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  1. I absolutely adore Ellie's room! How creative are you to take a spice rack and turn it into a clothes hanger! You should be an interior designer ;) Love the reading nook and am so glad I saw the "I'm a big sister" book. Totally went on Amazon and found the big brother version for my cousins kiddo :)


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