Monday, February 27, 2017

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

It's about that time of year again, Easter is going to be here before we know it.  Thinking of things to put in Ellie's Easter basket has been a lot of fun, this kind of thing is hands down one of my favorite things in the world to do!  Options are pretty much endless, but today I'm sharing a few of my favorite finds for toddler girls' Easter baskets. :)

I came across that book after Easter last year and have had it filed away ever since!  I think it'll be right up Ellie's alley this year with all the different animals. :)   Some things to add to her dress up collection, chalk that comes in an egg carton, and of course some egg-shaped lip balm for the girl who is always stealing my chapstick are all on the list as well.

That fruity coin purse is so fun. The new Cat & Jack spring line also has a ton of super cute bags + other accessories out right now.  I always check the big girls' section and they never disappoint - how cute are these glasses?! :)  A pair of spring/summery jammies or shoes are both cute and practical ideas.  I love the idea of an "April showers" theme, including things like an umbrella and a new pair of rain boots.

Of course Ellie will also be getting a little bit of candy in her basket and I plan to fill a few plastic eggs with her favorites (chocolates!) and snacks.  Small things like stickers, hair accessories, nail polish and jewelry are cute ideas too.  I snagged the only $1 flower necklace I could find in the Target dollar spot a couple weeks ago and am stupid excited about it.

 I also came across some cute baskets (available in a few colors!) that I grabbed for the girls.  No, Willow's will not be filled, but I loved the style, shape and size (perfect to fit a book!) and knew I'd want to have matching ones for next year.  TWO Easter baskets to fill - can you even believe it?!  Me either. :)

Thinking of gifts for Ellie keeps getting more and more fun as she starts to appreciate them more.  Although, I honestly think she will be most excited about anything edible. ;)  I'm really looking forward for Easter this year and can't wait to set up a little egg hunt in the yard for her, I have a feeling she will be pretty excited about it! :)  Have some fun Easter basket ideas?  Please share!!

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