Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day Love

Happy February!! One month closer to spring! That alone is something to celebrate in my mind, but I really do love Valentine's Day, or maybe it's just the excuse to incorporate all things pink into our lives?

Tyler and I have never really been crazy into Valentine's Day, definitely not an over-the-top kind of a couple.  We don't do big gifts (or any usually), but we like to do a little something fun to celebrate each year.  This year's plans include using our fireplace for the first time (hopefully!) and a festive breakfast the weekend before.  Yes, we are totally homebodies but I'm more than okay with that. ;)  None of us, including the tiny dancer doing flips inside my belly as I write this, are going to complain about an excuse to eat good food (and hang in our pajamas!).

I will probably always get our babies a Valentine's Day gift, just something small, fun and festive! This year, I grabbed Ellie a heart-print tote from Target's dollar spot, a book to add to her reading nook in her big girl room, a box of her favorite chocolates and a necklace since she's been loving going through my jewelry box lately.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite Valentine's Day-esq finds for ladies and littles, which may or may not be just a random collection of pretty pink, red + white things! ;)

I'm not sure the cookbook screams "V-Day", but it's definitely on my wish list and I'm sure you could find something yummy to whip up if your plans involve a cozy weekend at home too! :)

February, we are ready for you!!

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