Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Snacks

A big old snow day today left us looking for something to do, other than watch the same ten episodes of Ellie's favorite TV show on repeat of course.  One of our favorite things to do together is cook, more specifically bake!  It doesn't really matter what it is, Ellie gets excited about it no matter what.  Her favorite part is hands down cracking the eggs, but as long as I help measure, she will happily pour in all of the ingredients + even mans the hand mixer! :)  After eating Super Bowl leftovers and sweets all week, the last thing we needed was more junk in the house; but, who can resist heart shaped sugar cookies?!

While it's a little bit messier and requires a lot more patience than just doing it all myself, we're at the point where Ellie can actually be helpful if she so chooses and these were honestly probably the best sugar cookies we've made to date. :)

I'm planning a somewhat healthy Valentine's Day breakfast (except for powdered sugar donuts, because YOLO), but am not opposed to squeezing in as many Valentine's Day inspired snacks into our menu while we can!  Here are some of my favorite festive food Pinterest finds in case you're looking for some menu inspiration too:

Mozzarella cheese filled hearts // Ellie is addicted to cheese, I might have to try to squeeze these in before Tuesday!

Egg in a heart toast //  Another Ellie favorite, plus she'd really just like to crack the eggs. ;)

Sugared hearts donuts // I've never made donuts before, but these ones look SO good.

Strawberry cake in a jar // Delicious and adorable.

Heart shaped fruit skewers // Super easy + healthy too!

Homemade heart shaped marshmallows // Perfect for hot cocoa or fireplace s'mores.

Heart shaped burgers // Does Whole Foods really sell these?!  Something heart shaped even Tyler could get on board with. ;)

Peanut butter sweetheart cookies // A festive twist on one of our favorites.

When all else fails, break out the heart shaped cookie cutters - options are pretty much endless!  Hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day weekend! :)

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