Tuesday, March 28, 2017

29 Weeks

How far along: Less than three hours shy of 30 weeks. Oops!
Gender: Girl!
Belly button in or out:  Out.
Maternity clothes:  Same as before for the most part.  Thankful I didn't end up buying a maternity coat again this time around like I had planned - if it zips it fits, right? ;)
Stretch marks:  Nothing yet.
Sleep: Definitely need to work on going to bed earlier, but my brain just does not shut off.
Best moment of the week: All of our weeks are kind of the same (not that I'm complaining), so I guess just getting some more stuff checked off our to-do list!  
Miss anything: Not being hungry late at night when I should really be sleeping.
Movement: Lot of tiny toes all up in my ribs.
Cravings: Pineapple, peanut butter and chocolate... and while I haven't tried it, I probably wouldn't complain about eating all three together?
Queasy or sick:  Feeling good.
Looking forward to: I can't believe April is so close! Between Easter, Ellie's birthday and finishing the nursery, I have a feeling the next month is going to fly by but I'm looking forward to it all!

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