Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baby Number Two Favorites + Wish List

I remember the day we brought Ellie home from the hospital, putting her in her bouncer (that she liked for all of three days), sitting down on the couch and thinking "okay, soooo now what?".   I have a funny feeling I won't have even .275 seconds to think "now what?" to myself when we bring Willow home from the hospital.  If I'm being honest, the number one thing on this wish list of mine is probably the ability to duplicate myself and be in two places at once.  Most days, I'm lucky if I can take two minutes to unload the dishwasher without a toddler literally climbing my legs for attention, forget trying to sit down and quietly feed a baby.  There's no doubt that there will be some chaotic times, but there's also no doubt that we will adjust to life with our two sweet babies!  Full hands, full hearts, right? :)

Having a second baby girl, especially so close in age to Ellie, means that aside from stocking up on tiny diapers, we really don't need anything for baby number two.   That being said, prepping for another baby girl has meant I can pick out a few new, fun things here and there instead of going crazy buying an entire new wardrobe or all new "boy things".  There are some new products that have come out, or things I've discovered after Ellie was born that I'm really loving, plus some tried + true favorites that I'm sharing today!

Swaddle blanket - We have a handful of Little Unicorn swaddles and still use them on a daily basis (although they are now used to make superhero capes or to swaddle Ellie's dolls).  Ells never cared for swaddling, but we still used them as regular blankets all the time when she was a baby.  They're super lightweight + breathable, which is really nice.  Plus, the prints are adorable!  Ellie also still sleeps with her Little Unicorn quilt every night.  I knew I wanted to get a quilt for Willow as well, and grabbed this one when I saw it on an Instagram resale account - a different brand, but same muslin material. Also, did you see Target sells some LU products now??

Hat - Is there anything better than a newborn baby in a hat?!  All of the ones I bought for Ellie were way too big when we were in the hospital, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one fits baby Lo on her birthday! :)

Floral headband - These headbands are a favorite, but really I'm just looking forward to putting headbands on a little girl who won't immediately rip them off!

 Zip-up pajamas - If I could have one of these in every size + every color, I would. While I'm not opposed to cute prints, I love how simple these are and the zippers are so much easier than buttons for quick, middle of the night diaper changes.  I noticed that our old ones don't have a flap to cover the top of the zipper at the neck like the new ones do, which makes me like them even more!

Goat teether - How freaking cute is this thing?!?!  Ells loved her Sophie so much, she is in kind of rough shape and I would love to get Willow her own teether.  I randomly came across this similar one and think I may have found a winner! :)

Solly Baby wrap - I have a couple baby carriers (the Solly wrap included) from when Ellie was a baby, but she never liked any of them.  I am really hoping Lo likes to be worn because I know it would help immensely with getting pretty much anything done!

Baby gown - Ever since I saw these gowns, I've been just waiting for baby number two to scoop one up!  They're super soft, and also pretty functional (I'm imagining) with the tie at the bottom.  I've heard they're especially good for vaccine days at the doctor's, which I never would have thought of but it makes so much sense!  There's nothing worse than trying to put pants on a screaming, squirmy baby who just got a shot (or a few) in her leg.

Pacifier - Didn't we just get rid of these things?? ;)  We had to try a few different kinds of pacifiers with Ellie before we found one she liked, but I want to try these ones first with Willow.  They are all one piece, and I hated how water/spit/food/who knows what got stuck in some of Ellie's and we had to throw them out.

Tub - We have this other tub already that we really do love.  We used it forever before we put Ellie alone in the "big girl" tub and it's super nice to be able to drop it in the sink and not be hunched over the bathtub too.  However, I want to get this Angelcare one because I think it'll make giving both girls a bath in the big tub at the same time a lot easier.  It's a little bit smaller and obviously doesn't require a separate pool of water, which is a plus.

If you're also expecting, I've come across a few freebies for new mamas or mamas-to-be!  June & January will send something to all expecting moms if you fill out a super quick form.  We haven't gotten ours yet, but I believe it's one of their knotted hats.  Also, both Ellia May Designs and Bloomies Handmade will send you a pink bow if you send them over an email to get a special discount code (you do have to pay shipping costs for both) - contact info can be found on their websites.

Have some special deals or fun baby products that you love?  Be sure to send them my way!! :)


  1. So with having two kids I have found out that a baby wrap is your friend! Definitely don't leave the house without it. My kids are two years apart and it was a life savor. Another thing I also found out is that my son was nothing like my daughter when she was a baby. He hated sleeping the crib, bassinet, never took pacifiers or bottles! It was a nightmare but we finally adjusted. Prepare for the unexpected! It definitely was a shock for us. I am now expecting my third child and hope it goes well �� One item I did find that I thought were really cool are the twist shake baby bottles. I've heard good things about them and going to try them this time around. They have so many colors and sizes which I love and comes with a formula or snack container.

    1. Thank you so much for your recommendations!! I know it's going to be hard not to just compare her to everything we know from when Ellie was a baby. I'm going to try hard to keep an open mind and know that she could be completely different... I wouldn't complain if she's a better sleeper. ;) Congrats on baby number three!!! :)

  2. Ooh the pink peony quilt! SO pretty! No babies for me anytime soon but I find these posts so helpful for gifts for cousins/friends with babies on the way! Lack of experience, I would've never thought about button ups vs. zippered PJs - buying the pink one you posted for my cousins baby girl on the way! :)

    1. So glad you find them helpful!! :) I love those jammies so much, I'm sure your cousin will too!

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