Thursday, March 2, 2017

Big Girl Happenings

Okay, so I'm using the term "big girl" very loosely here because let's be real... but!  We've checked off the first thing on our big girl spring to-do list this week and I'm pretty excited about it.  Ellie has officially been over 72 hours pacifier-free!  It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but with big changes in life going on (i.e. moving), I didn't want to throw too many things at her (or me) and set ourselves up for failure.  This past weekend, I decided that Sunday night would be her last night with her beloved binky.  I scrambled to hide all of the pacifiers I could find when we woke up Monday morning and she's been without one ever since.  Would she immediately put one in her mouth if she saw one right now?  I'm sure she would; but, things have been going pretty smoothly without them! She is looking for them a little bit, mostly when she wakes up in the middle of the night, but overall it's going much better than anticipated.  Even bedtime has been going over well, although that may likely be due to the fact that she is just so exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around since naps have become a thing of the past over the last three weeks.  Regardless, I was really dreading this since Ells was such a binky addict, so it's definitely a relief and feels good to get it over with!

The other things on this to-do list of ours are transitioning to her twin bed and of course potty training.  I'm super eager to try moving her to her new bed, so I think that is going to be next on our list.  Ellie has generally always slept better in our bed (whether we were in there or not), so I'm so curious to see if maybe she will even sleep through the night in a big girl bed once she adjusts to it.  I know, gasp.  The biggest thing that worries me about it is of of course her ability to get out of bed and roam, but I really do think she will be more comfortable in a bed as opposed to her crib.  She does still make her way into our bed some nights, usually if she wakes up and just won't calm down (nightmares, maybe??), so I'm also curious to see if we will be able to lay down with her in her own bed until she falls back asleep as opposed to bringing her in with us.  I also really don't want her coming in our room with a new baby who will likely be up at all hours of the night for obvious reasons.  Hopefully within the next few weeks we will try making the switch!

Saving the best for last, potty training.  I honestly have no idea how this one is going to go over.  While there is no doubt in my mind that Ellie will understand what we want her to do, I know her and how strong-willed she is.  So, if she decides it's not for her, it is definitely not going to be for her.  Who knows, maybe it'll go really well and we obviously won't know until we try, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm going to try to not get too hung up on it, it would however be so nice if we only had one child in diapers come June!  Tips + tricks are welcome of course. :)

 And speaking of June, only 14 weeks to go until baby sister's arrival, 11 if she comes as early as Ellie did - WHAT?!  I kind of can't believe we are so close to starting out fresh again, so to speak.  Thinking about how much Ellie has changed and grown over the past 22 months is crazy.  I know she is going to seem even bigger when Willow's born and really can't wait to see her as a big sister! 

Birthdays + big changes, we are excited, eager and ready to take to them all on as a soon-to-be family of FOUR.

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