Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Willow's Nursery Inspiration

With the third trimester quickly approaching (already!), I'm trying to narrow down some of my favorite nursery items + ideas so I can dive in and get started!  So many people have been asking me lately if Willow will have her own room and if we've been working on it.  Yes, she will have her own space and no, aside from a picking up a couple things, we haven't even touched it.  Today I'm sharing a few things I've already grabbed, plus a lot more on my current wish list! :)

We'll of course be reusing Ellie's crib, as well as the grey chair that we had in her nursery at our old house.  Willow's bureau is a family antique that we'll be fixing up, likely painting and adding new knobs + pulls.  I also plan to reuse a couple of the prints I had hanging in Ellie's nursery since I still love them.

We will be painting the trim in the nursery white just like we did in Ellie's new room.  We have been talking paint color for the walls, and are thinking we will go with the same color white that we're using on the trim.  I love pink, but our thinking is that if we do end up having the third child we're currently thinking we want to try for down the road, he/she will go in the nursery and Willow will go into Ellie's room with her.  So, white is obviously gender neutral.  Totally planning ahead here, but knowing how much my husband loves painting, I'm rolling with this thinking.  Plus, the carpet is the same color as Ellie's and the room is smaller so we think it'll really make it nice and bright! :)

White walls will leave plenty of room for pops of color elsewhere - I'm thinking pinks, corals, greys, black, white + metallics for a (somewhat broad) color scheme.  I am obsessed with that light fixture to say the least; however, my sometimes extremely practical husband says that it'll use more electricity than all of our appliances combined.  Or something along those lines. ;)

I'm so excited to get to started on this little space for our tiniest baby girl and will for sure share more as we make some progress on it! :)

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