Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ellie's Second Birthday Party

This weekend, we celebrated Ellie's second birthday with our family at her kitty cat party!

 I knew I wanted to incorporate a few cat-related items without going crazy, so it was simple but the birthday girl loved having her favorite people all in one spot which is the most important part. :)

 In my Pinterest search, I came across this "Party Catz" print and absolutely loved it.  I emailed the artist (like the creep that I am), and she so kindly sent over a high res image for me to use for the party!  I edited it a bit and Tyler printed it as a poster - so easy and cute!  I had also seen tons of adorable kitty cakes, but knew I'd probably end up wanting to run the cake over with my car if I attempted making one myself.  I decided to DIY some cat toy cake toppers instead, using styrofoam balls, different kinds of string and bamboo skewers.  Again, super easy!  Of course a kitty party isn't a kitty party without cat ears, so I grabbed a handful of these ones for the party guests to wear. :)

It ended up raining on and off most of the afternoon unexpectedly, but we still had lots of fun and we have a very happy, spoiled + exhausted two year old on our hands!  Thank you to everyone to came to the party and to those who sent birthday wishes from afar!! XO

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