Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Lately

I almost feel funny saying that we've been really busy lately, mostly because I spend most of the time hanging out with my little girlfriend while Tyler does most of the actual doing... regardless, things seem like they've been busy around here these days and I have no idea how it's April already!  Wasn't it just Christmas??

Willow's room is painted (trim and walls) so I am so excited to be able to actually put things in there now.  We still have to paint her bureau and I can't wait to finish going through Ellie's old clothes and get them all put away.  I've been looking for a couple new things to add for decorations, but will definitely be re-using some of the things we had in Ellie's nursery too.  I told myself I wouldn't buy another one because ours is kind of beaten up (very well loved), but I grabbed the same rug we have in Ellie's room to add to the nursery - it's currently 20% off and I couldn't resist the price!  I'm a little bit in disbelief that we'll be meeting our tiniest baby girl so soon - we'll be in the single digit weekly countdown tomorrow!!  She is seriously going to be here before we know it and I can't hardly wait to see my two girls together for the first time.

 I'm also in disbelief that Ellie will be two in just three short weeks.  While I'm trying to keep it simple, we're planning a kitty themed birthday party for her and I've had fun finding some cute ideas on Pinterest!  I'm sure she will start telling me all kinds of obscure party theme requests starting next year, so while I obviously had a hand in picking the party theme this year, I really wanted to pick something that Ells would love too.  I'm sure she would have also loved puppies, unicorns, birds, fish, pigs... you get the picture. :)  Of course I'll be sharing more from her party and am looking forward to seeing what she thinks of it!   Most importantly, I know she is going to love being the center of attention and having her favorite people there to celebrate her!  Don't be surprised if I'm crying in the corner thinking about just how big she really is these days.

After a snowy weekend, we got glimpse of spring weather earlier this week which was so nice.  I think Ells and I both have a little bit (or maybe a lot) of cabin fever and are so eager to be able to play outside more.  I'm hoping she doesn't think she's too big to go for walks in the stroller once the snow is melted.... and I'm hoping I'm not too big to go down the slides with her at the playground. ;)  Spring, we are so ready for you!

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