Monday, May 8, 2017

35 Weeks

How far along: Picture taken today at 35 weeks 5 days.
Gender: Girl!
Belly button in or out:  Out.
Maternity clothes: Yes, but clearly trying to make the most out of my non-maternity clothes and thinking that the horizontal stripes aren't so cute on a 35 week baby belly.
Stretch marks:  Nothing yet.
Sleep:  Aside from frequent bathroom breaks, sleep has been pretty good lately!  Regardless, I'm always wishing I could have just one more cup of caffeine a day, especially come early afternoon.
Best moment of the week: Some surprise sunshine this weekend, pulling out more baby stuff from our storage bins, having a freshly vacuumed car + baby car seat installed!  This means I officially have no backseat, but Ellie has been busy bringing her baby dolls outside to test out baby sister's seat which is pretty darn cute. :)
Miss anything: Seeing my pre-pregnancy weight on the scale...
Movement:  She seems to be getting huge! Also, lots of hiccups lately which I hadn't really noticed until the past couple weeks.
Cravings: Anything sweet, but so much fruit salad!  Ellie and I have both been eating it like crazy lately, it's so nice to have some good fruit coming back in season.
Queasy or sick:  Still feeling good for the most part.  Braxton Hicks have been getting noticeably stronger over the past few days, but I am overall still feeling surprisingly comfortable (for being at this stage in the game) so I really can't complain.
Looking forward to: I can't believe we are less than a month away from baby girl's due date now!!  I am so eager to see when she will decide to make her debut.  Part of me thinks she will come a little early, the other part can totally picture her being stubborn and making us wait.  Surprises are so not my thing, so not knowing when the big day will be is possibly one of the most annoying parts of pregnancy for me!

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