Thursday, May 11, 2017

All About Ellie

It's been awhile since I've done a little Ellie update, and with her second birthday just having gone by, I thought I'd do another. :) I love having posts like these to look back on since I completely failed at updating her baby book and honestly wouldn't remember lots of these little details if I didn't have them written down here!

 Age: Two years old!  With the attitude to prove it lately. ;)

Nicknames: While I always type "Ellie", I do actually call her "Ellia" when I'm talking to her quite a bit - usually when she's not doing something she should be or not listening, which is more than I care to admit. :)  I totally think it's weird to hear someone else other than Tyler call her by her real name, everyone calls her Ellie for the most part!  Other frequently used nicknames are Ells, Ellsie, E. Summer and Monkey.

Stats: 29.2 lbs, 35 1/4 inches - just shy from the height of an average three year old!  Whenever we are out and someone asks how old Ells is, they never believe me that she just turned two.  I definitely blame it on her height, and have no idea where she got that from?!

Clothing: Currently mostly wearing 2T, but her pants are all way too short.  Anything I've bought for her this year has been 3T.  Shoes are size 7.  She either loves to help pick out her own clothes or would prefer to wear nothing at all these days!  Hats are usually a win, and she loves picking out which shoes she's going to wear each day.

Eating:  Girl loves food!  She loves snacks and will graze all day long if we let her.  The key to getting her to eat a full meal is definitely patience.  It is no exaggeration when I say I sometimes spend a full hour feeding her lunch - she will finish her whole plate if she gets to do it on her own time.  Ellie really isn't too picky about the foods she likes, but is sometimes picky about when she wants or doesn't want them.  Some of her most favorites are fruit (watermelon, strawberries + apples), mac + cheese, scrambled eggs (I easily make them 5/7 days of the week), chocolate, ice cream, goldfish, chips + salsa and hotdogs.  She also loves starting her day off with a cup of milk and is obsessed with sparkling water if served in a "big girl" cup and with a straw. ;)  She's a little picky about meat, but I'd say getting her to eat veggies is probably the hardest right now.

Sleeping:  Sleep has definitely improved since we moved her into her big girl bed a few months ago.  For whatever reason, she just seems to sleep more soundly in it than she ever did in her crib.  We still have our share of long nights and she does still wake up a decent amount, but I can usually just tuck her right back in and lay down next to her for a few minutes and she's back asleep pretty quickly.  The best part of it all is that I can count on one hand the number of nights she's wound up in our bed since we made the switch, almost all of which were when she wasn't feeling well.  I miss her snuggles but she was quite the bed hog, so I definitely sleep more soundly without her there.  If she's not already asleep, bedtime is 8 p.m. and she's usually up by 6 a.m.  No naps, unless they're in the car or sometimes if I take her for a walk in the stroller.  Any nap that lasts more than a half hour totally makes me cringe because I know it means we're in for a long night.

Vocabulary:  Speech is not something that has come quickly to Ellie.  While her pediatrician wasn't overly concerned at this point, she did give us the option to have her speech evaluated and I am pretty sure we will do that in the near future.  She is stubborn about speaking, even with words we know she knows, and seems to have developed her own way of communicating (most) of her needs without saying a whole lot at all.  Luckily for us, she has mastered telling us "no".  Other frequent words/sayings are "oh no" (very dramatically), "one more", "buh bye", "go" (as in let's go), "that's mine" (which sounds more like ma miiiiiiie) and "come here" (which sounds more like ma meee or mee mee).  She's a professional babbler and animal noise maker.  We've also been working on colors lately (picking them out + saying what they are) and seem to be getting purple, blue, green, red + yellow down pretty well!  Patience is definitely key, but it always feels good when she learns to say something new. :)

Loves: Animals of all kinds, her dolls + stuffed animals - we fly through changing all of their diapers these days!, watching TV, playing outside, going to the playground, cooking/baking (she loves her step stool so much so she can help me with everything), helping clean + doing laundry, doing her makeup, brushing her teeth, playing with water, coloring, dancing, jumping on the bed, playing with anything that has a buckle (car seat, stroller, any baby contraptions we've pulled out from storage).

Least favorite things:  Naps/going to sleep, getting into the tub (although she loves them once she's in), diaper changes, being told no, getting her hair brushed or done, going to the doctor, playing by herself (most of the time).

We can't believe our sweet girl is already two whole years old!  She is very strong-willed + challenges us on a daily basis, but is also the sweetest + most affectionate little girl in the world.  She has a big heart and seems extra aware of people's emotions for someone so small. We know she's going to make an awesome big sister and cannot wait to see her in that role!

  We love you so much Ellia Summer! XO

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