Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mini Swim + Summer Styles

The entire ten day forecast looks less than appealing here, but we are feeling so ready for summer already!  For as long as I can remember, summer has always been my favorite season and is always way too short up here in Massachusetts if you ask me.  While swimsuit season is the last thing I want to think about for myself right now, I'm so looking forward to dressing up the girls in some cute suits and can't wait to see Ellie in action in the pool + our local pond!  I have a feeling she will be quite the little fishy and am so excited to see what she thinks of our giant flamingo pool float this year.  :)  Today I'm sharing some of my most favorite summery styles for little ladies that will definitely help you feel those summer vibes, regardless of the weather outside!

We have been obsessing over (eating) watermelon lately, so I couldn't help but include some of the cutest watermelon styles I could find! :)  I love all the fun colors out for summer, especially anything with pink of course.  Also, I have been looking for a good beach and/or picnic blanket, something that's meant for outdoors and that I can just keep in my car for whatever adventures we might find ourselves up to.  I came across this one that even folds back up into itself so it's easy to carry - seriously, how stinking cute?!

Sending lots of summery vibes your way, and hoping you do the same for us too!  If anyone has some suggestions on what I could do with a stir crazy toddler inside for the next week or so, that would be appreciated too. ;)  Happy shopping!

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