Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Hospital Bag // Packing for Baby + The Extras

We are officially in the homestretch over here and are eagerly awaiting Baby Willow's arrival!!  My bags are packed + ready to go (for the most part), and I swear I add something new into my "baby bag" every time I go into Willow's nursery, so she better come out soon before her whole closet ends up packed up.  In all seriousness, I am trying to keep it simple, so here's what we've got...

For baby //
Swaddles - I've packed a few, which is definitely overkill, but can't narrow it down to just one.  Most are hand me downs from big sis, and I can't wait to wrap another baby girl up in them! :)  I also really love the classic look of the hospital blankets and am definitely hoping to snag one to have as a keepsake like I did for Ells.

Pacifiers - We waited a week or so to give Ellie a paci at first, but I'm packing a couple in hopes I can catch some extra Zz's in the hospital.  I'm also kind of wondering if giving Willow the kind I'm hoping she ends up liking so early in the game will convince her she likes it?  Really, I'm trying to avoid MAM pacis since those were Ellie's must-have item up until just a few short months ago and I'd rather not deal with her trying to steal them (although I don't even know if she would at this point).

Outfits - I've packed one "outfit" plus two pairs of pajamas, one newborn size + one 3 month, because I obviously have no idea how big baby girl will turn out to be.

Hat, mittens + hair accessories - I am SO excited to have another little girl to accessorize, so of course a few (or eight), of my favorite bows are packed too!

Extras //
Boppy pillow - The nurses were so good at setting me up with pillows to nurse Ellie in the hospital, but I could never get it quite right on my own at home afterwards without my boppy, so it's a definite must for me this time!

Of course I'll pack things like my phone charger, purse/wallet/insurance card etc. at the last minute.  Maybe it was the belly talking, but I couldn't resist grabbing one of my favorite candies to stash away in my bag and plan to have some more of my own snacks while at the hospital.  Also, bottled water!  I loved having a couple extra bottles of my own to refill my ice cup whenever I wanted and not having to wait around for a nurse to get me more water.

Tyler won't be staying at the hospital overnight this time around so he can be home with Ellie at night (and sleep in the comfort of an actual bed), unless of course Willow decides to come in the middle of the night.  Even when he did stay last time, he really didn't need much since he was going back and forth to feed our cats and could shower and everything while he was home.  He will of course be bringing the infant car seat with him when he comes to pick us up since we know we aren't allowed to leave the hospital without one. :)

Lastly, do you think I could fit my two year old in one of my bags??  I know I'll probably be enjoying my "quiet time" at the hospital with a sweet newborn baby girl (aka nursing + baby boot camp), but I'm missing my big girl already.  Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to the moment I get to hold my two girls at once?!  Eeek. :)

Hey, baby girl. We're ready for you!!


  1. Wishing you the very best of luck with Miss Willow's arrival :)


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