Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Hospital Bag: Packing For Mama

I'm officially in the weekly doctor's appointment zone and I've already been given the "make sure you get in the car and to the hospital as fast as you can if you think you're in labor" speech from my doctor.  Twice, in one 10 minute long appointment.  I don't do a "birth plan", but needless to say it really just involves not having a baby on the side of the road.  Also, if Willow were to be born on the same day in my pregnancy as Ellie was, her birthday would be May 19th - what?!  I'm sure I'm all kinds of jinxing it and we'll be looking at a 42 week pregnancy + 3 days of labor or something like that; regardless, she'll be here soon and I've been busy putting a few things aside for my hospital bag that I thought I'd share today!

I try to operate under the thought process of really only needing myself (and Tyler, obviously) to have a baby.  Meaning, if I forget to pack something in my hospital bag or accidentally leave the house in a rush without it completely, I'm not going to cry about it... hopefully not anyway, those postpartum hormones are pretty crazy. ;)  We don't live much more than a half hour away from hospital, so between Tyler going back + forth and plenty of visitors who live close by, I know there really isn't anything I could want or need that someone wouldn't bring me. :)  That being said, I'm trying to keep my hospital bag pretty simple but have a few things I'd love to have for myself on delivery day + for my hospital stay:

Robe // Hands down one of the things I was happiest to have with me the first time around was my own robe.  As soon as I was given the "okay" to shower after Ellie was born (about 24 hours later), I changed out of the hospital gown and into my own robe and felt ten million times better - I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little bit like I had just got hit by a bus as our hospital room had visitors coming in and out all day long on that first day, and the gown wasn't helping any.  I knew for sure that a robe was a must-have again and found the perfect one at PinkBlush.  Between the soft, light-weight fabric and pretty floral pattern, it has quickly become one of my new favorite items in my closet!  I also love that it's something that I can wear now, as well as after Willow is born - both in the hospital and at home afterwards.  I never changed into actual clothes until we were about to leave the hospital after I had Ellie, and really don't plan to this time around either.  It felt like I was either constantly nursing or having nurses checking out all my business, so wearing a robe was just easy and functional.  PinkBlush has a ton of gorgeous delivery/nursing robes, as well as tons of other cute maternity clothes, so be sure to check out all of the great options! :)

robe c/o PinkBlush

Nonslip socks //  The socks I wore during delivery with Ellie weren't quite worth even trying to wash afterwards, so socks are also high on my packing list!  The hospital provided socks as well, but I loved having my own cozy pair to put on.

Nursing bras // A comfy nursing bra makes all the difference!  I love wireless ones and found that even sleeping in them was more comfortable than not. I don't plan on bringing any lanolin with me (although I'm sure I will need it), as the hospital was very accommodating at providing it last time around.

Toiletries // I am definitely not planning to look like I'm ready to walk the runway during my hospital stay (or ever), but do plan on bringing a few things to help make me feel a little more human after giving birth!  As I was trying to put some of this stuff aside, I quickly realized just how many different things I use on a daily basis to get ready.  Trying to keep it simple is easier said than done, but in addition to all of the "basic toiletries", I'll be bringing a small makeup bag with the things I tend to use every day - chapstick definitely included!

Going home outfit // I'm hoping we get to bring Willow home on a gorgeous, warm spring day; but, reality is that New England weather is so unpredictable and could vary greatly from one day to the next.  I plan to pack a pair of comfy sweats, a tee shirt and a zip-up hoodie or open cardigan to wear home from the hospital.  Anything that provides a little wiggle room is great, which includes a pair of underwear that are an extra size bigger than normal to put on for the trip home (I plan to use the ones the hospital provides during my stay as well as all of their feminine products).

That's really all I plan to pack specifically for taking care of myself, and will be sharing what I'll be bringing for baby as well as some "extras" soon!  Baby Lo, we are counting down the days until your due date + can't believe it's almost here!!! :)

Thank you to PinkBlush Maternity for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions + love for the products are entirely my own.

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