Friday, June 30, 2017

June Around Here

I obviously have been failing at getting over here lately, a direct result of not enough sleep or hours in the day.  We are officially one month in as a family of four, and I've learned a lot about patience (or maybe losing my patience at times), priorities, multitasking and have definitely improved my ability to use my feet as an extra set of hands. ;)  Really, this month has been a lot about learning, and as cheesy as it sounds, a lot about love too.

 Willow is slowly (very slowly) becoming a tiny bit less nocturnal it seems.  Last night we even got in just under a four hour stretch of sleep, making it the best night yet.  At this point, she really doesn't do a whole lot except eat + sleep, because she's only one month old so let's be real here... but, we are starting to see glimpses of her personality come through as she becomes more alert.  She's got the cutest little dimples right by the corners of her mouth and I can't wait to see more of them once she really gets smiling!  We took Lo to her one month checkup this week and she's growing like a weed, weighing in at more than three pounds over her birth weight already!  Have I mentioned she loves to eat?? Because she totally does and I swear it's almost guaranteed that both girls will be awake + ready to eat righthissecond at every meal time, making me wish I had at least one extra set of hands.  Or an adult beverage.

Ellie seems to be getting bigger + bigger every single day.  We've been working on potty training after she decided to pee on the potty completely unsolicited a couple weeks ago.  We've had her potty since last fall but I've made no serious attempts at getting her to use it since we've had lots going on pretty much since we moved in December.  I also wasn't sure if she was ready, and really didn't want to waste anyone's time trying if she wasn't. She has been doing really well with it so far.  Of course she's had her fair share of accidents but she spends a good portion of her waking hours nude, so that definitely helps!  Ells tests our patience like no other on pretty much a daily basis, but we're so proud of her for so many reasons, potty training and big sister skills included.

I've been spending most of my time at home with the girls, so we try to get out of the house + keep busy on the weekends.  Yes, family grocery shopping on Saturday morning counts as getting out of the house. ;)  We've been trying to do some fun things here and there too, swimming, cookouts + time spent visiting family.

I can't hardly believe we're already at Fourth of July weekend!  We don't have any crazy plans, but July has always been my favorite month so I'm hoping to really enjoy it while it's here because I know summer will be over before we know it.  Hope you all have a happy long weekend + I'll hopefully be updating more often very soon!! :)

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