Friday, June 16, 2017

Life Lately

I feel like time has been flying since Lo was born and cannot believe she'll already be three weeks old this weekend.  This week was our first full week just me and my little girlfriends all day (aside from some time with grandmas), so we are slowly getting into some resemblance of a schedule/daily routine over here.

The girls are on opposite sleep schedules for the most part, which has me feeling a little bit like a walking zombie but also has its perks (if I'm being optimistic here).  Ellie is really good with Willow - she loves to help me take care of her and loves to show everyone "her new baby".  She's about as patient with Lo as any two year old would be, but I think she also loves how much time she and I still get alone together to play during the day.  Of course, the only time Willow and I usually get alone is between the hours of 11pm and 6am. #secondchildproblems

As for Lo, she's been a really good baby so far.  She's not much of a crier, loves to eat, be held and snooze in her swing during the day.  She also seems to like being worn in my Solly Baby wrap.  Although I've only used it a few times so far, it's been perfect for when Ells wants to go play out in the yard, or when she insists on being pushed in her stroller up and down the driveway repeatedly in the 90 degree heat. ;)  While I don't want to say Willow is "easier" than Ellie because every age has its highs and lows, I definitely forgot how much less of a handful a newborn can be compared to a toddler who doesn't stop moving.  And I guess I'm not complaining! :)

We have yet to leave the house just the three of us, so maybe next week we will get a little more adventurous?  I'm feeling so much better after my c-section even compared to this time last week and it's so nice being able to do (most) of the things I would normally do with Ellie again.  These little beauties keep my hands full, but I'm loving life with my two girls so much already! :)

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  1. I think I didn't leave the house with my two ladies until my littlest was 10 days old. (and I didn't even have a C-section to recover from!) So go slow, friend! That picture with Ellie feeding Lo is beyond adorable. I remember the first time Emmie fed Vera and it was because V was fussing and Emmie ran, grabbed the bottle, and started feeding her all on her own accord. My heart nearly exploded with cuteness, love and Momma pride. I hope you're remember to take care of yourself in the chaos too! <3


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