Friday, July 28, 2017

Willow's Two Month Update

My smallest baby girl is already two months old today (yikes!!), so I thought I'd share a little update all about baby Lo!

Age: Two months.
Nicknames:  Lo, Lo Lo, Monkey Jr.
Stats: 23 inches, 11 lbs 10.5 oz - about 60-70th percentile for both height and weight 
Clothing size: 0-3 months, but I can't see it lasting too, too much longer!
Eating: Lots!!  Lo has been doing a mix of nursing and formula feeding since she was born.  She is doing really well with it and I enjoy doing both too at this point - best of both worlds I guess?  She eats every couple hours still and seems to have a very healthy appetite! :)
Sleeping: We've come so far with this in two short months!!  It's obviously still a little bit rocky, but as of very recently, she'll go to bed around 9:30/10:00 and will sleep up to five/five and a half hours straight (YAY!) before waking up to eat.  Lo just kind of cat naps throughout the day unless she's being held.  I'd love to get on some kind of a schedule during the day but it is SO nice to have a little bit of a schedule at night so I'm not complaining right now. :)  She does wind up in our bed some nights if she just won't sleep without cuddling, but for the most part is happy sleeping in her pack n' play in our room.
Favorite things: Eating, being held, her activity mat, her big sister, bath time.

Lo has been such a perfect addition to our family!! Ellie loves having a baby sister, she will proudly show her off to anyone who asks and will gladly help me bathe her + get her dressed (and even do her "make-up").  Lo was Ellie's twin when she was born and I do still think they look alike, but she's slowly looking more and more like her own little person.  She likes to keep moving, is always fidgeting like her big sis and is getting pretty proficient in hair pulling. ;) We can't imagine life without her and have loved watching her grow so far. We love you so much, Willow Grey!
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