Tuesday, August 1, 2017

From One to Two.

Everyone asks me lately how it is with two kids and my first reaction is always to say that "it's busy".  We're not busy doing crazy, fun activities all day long, we're just busy living our lives.  I'm busy being a mom.  I'm busy making sure my babies are happy(ish, usually), fed + healthy.  I'm busy getting snacks, wiping away tears + wiping little bums.  Busy cleaning up spilt drinks + spit-up.  Busy trying to keep up with laundry + keep our house from looking like a complete disaster.  I'm busy watching my baby girl learn how to really smile + my big girl learn how to use the potty.

Since Ellie gave up naps back in February, we are going, going, going from morning until night. Lo wakes up between 5-6 and Ells between 6-7.  Ells goes to bed around 8 and Lo around 10.  Between the hours of 10pm and 5am there are usually 2-3 wake up calls - 1 from Ellie and 1-2 from Lo.  Not a lot can get done during the day since Ells doesn't nap and Lo prefers to be held while she does.  We scramble to get things done as time permits (and hands are free) - I cook dinner every night with both girls as my sous chefs and Tyler and I tag team the bathtime/bedtime routine, usually trying to keep our eyes open ourselves by the time both girls are asleep.  I have to tell myself every day that it's okay if I don't get everything on my to-do list done, if every single toy is still out on the playroom floor when I go to bed or there's still piles of clothes to put away (things that would normally drive me crazy, and usually still do). We feel like we don't really do anything, but at the same time are doing all the things.

I've heard so many people say that going from one to two kids was the hardest transition, and I guess I can understand why.  I think it depends a lot on the age gap between kids, their personalities, abilities + dependency levels too.  We've always wanted to have our babies pretty close in age and love that Ellie and Willow will be so close growing up.  Ellie loves her sister but she's also two years old.  She still wants or needs us to do pretty much everything with her.  She will kindly instruct me to put Lo in her swing so that she and I can do something alone together.  She's a typical two year old and does get a little bit jealous and impatient sometimes.  I know it will get easier as the girls get a little bit older and can play with each other, and while it can be tough sometimes, I have absolutely no regrets about having them close in age. My mom has told me that being a mom is "the hardest job I will ever love" and I don't think that could be any more true these days.  The days are long but the years are short and I know I will look back and miss this (somewhat chaotic) time before I know it.  These little girls are my everything and I'm so lucky to call them mine.

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