Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mini Style // Fall Favorites

There's nothing like doing a little back-to-school shopping... even if your kids don't go to school just yet! ;)  Fall is my favorite season from a fashion standpoint, and as always, shopping for little girls is ten times more fun than shopping for myself!  Here are a handful of my favorite items I've come across so far. :)

As always, Old Navy has the cutest things around, it's the first place I check for new arrivals!  If you enjoy dressing your kids like small adults (as I sometimes do), Zara has tons of cute clothes out right now.  H&M and J.Crew Factory always have adorable things too, plus I'm loving some of the basic items at The Children's Place (like that peplum top above - we have a few colors and love it!).  They almost always have free shipping and their prices really can't be beat.

Tights and hats are must-haves for us here in New England for the fall + winter months (and usually spring, too).  I love those polka dot tights above, and I also grabbed a bundle of June & January tights for Ellie on their buy/sale/trade Facebook page - I've gotten a few good deals on there, so definitely check it out if you love the brand!  We also love our boots!  I got Ellie's Hunter's on sale a few months ago, and was so excited to find them (in pink!) at an awesome price.  I was a little sketpical about buying Hunter's for my kids, but can honestly say the quality is great and they've held up so much better than a lot of Ellie's other shoes - especially nice since they will eventually be handed down to baby sis!

I've been working on switching out the girls' clothes, moving things from Ellie's closet into Lo's and putting tiny baby things in storage.  Next on my agenda is my own closet.  Although, I'm a little envious of Ellie's wardrobe and totally wouldn't mind if I could squeeze into all of her clothes instead. ;)

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