Friday, October 27, 2017

Family Photos 2017

We took some updated family photos last weekend and I’m excited to share some of our pictures with you!! We were really looking forward to getting some professional photos taken with Lo since we hadn’t already, as well as getting some taken at our new (forever) home. Tyler and I were just saying the other day how sometimes it still doesn’t seem real that this house is ours, we really do love it here - the house, location and all of the memories that have already been made here.

It’s so fun to look back at the past two years and see how our little family has changed. Ellie looks like a such a big girl these days, it’s so crazy to think she was just the size of Lo not so long ago! :)

Our photographer, Adrienne, is the best. She’s so sweet with the girls, and gave us exactly what we were looking for with these pictures. We highly recommend her if you’re local!

Oh and P.S. Willow is wearing the same vest Ells wore for our family pictures in 2015 because I am completely crazy and did that on purpose, but I think it looks pretty cute anyway! You can find prior years’ pictures here: 2015, 2016.


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