Thursday, October 12, 2017

Spooky Snacks

Ever since Ellie has been eating solids, I’ve loved making her festive meals + snacks for just about every holiday.  Anyone remember the candy cane fruit mush I made for her very first Christmas? Yep, welcome to crazy town folks!! ;)  It just gets more and more fun as she starts to actually appreciate my efforts.  We made our favorite popcorn bark/trail mix this week, Ellie loved spreading out all the snacks on wax paper, drizzling the melted chocolate and was so excited to help add little candy eyes to our monster pretzels!

We had lots of fun while Lo snoozed for a whopping ten minutes, and plan to make a few more spooky snacks before October is over! I thought I’d share some of the cutest Halloween foods I’ve come across so far, as well as some we’ve tried in the past:

Donut spiders (next on my list for sure!)

Bonus points for serving your snacks on festive dinnerware!  We love our Halloween sets from Re-Played Recycled.  They are our most favorite, Ellie has always done best feeding herself with their spoons + forks, and the quality can’t be beat.  We love knowing that they are made of recycled milk jugs, too!  Having different colors to choose from makes mealtime a little bit extra fun. Ells is doing so well with colors and loves to name them all, so it’s nice that she can get in some practice while picking out which ones she wants to use. :) Be sure to check out the Re-Played Recycled website, there is a whole rainbow of colors to choose from!

Happy snacking + hope you all have a great weekend!

Thank you to RePlayed Recycled for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts, opinions + love for the products are entirely my own.

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