Sunday, November 19, 2017

Christmas Gifts for Babies + Toddlers

I've officially finished shopping for the girls' Christmas gifts and I'm so excited to wrap them all up for Christmas morning! :)  Since Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are coming up so soon, I thought I'd share some gifting ideas.  These are things we have and love already, things that will be under the tree this year, and a few things I came across after I finished shopping and am putting on my future gift idea list!

First up, Lo's (FIRST!) Christmas.  I thought it was going to be super hard to think of gifts for Lo since she already has tons of stuff (clothes, toys, books, everything) that was Ellie's or will be things they'll share... but, once I got looking around, I kind of surprised myself.  A few new teethers were a no-brainer, a new stuffed animal to call her own, some car seat entertainment, bibs + a couple new onesies were all on Lo Lo's list this year!  I love the rubber blocks since they are easy for little hands to grip and can be chewed on too.  I got Ellie an "Ellie" book for her first Christmas, so I decided to keep the tradition going for Willow and found one with her name on it as well.  It's a bit out of her age range, but it's about a little girl who learns to speak up for herself and I have a feeling she will grow to love it, especially since she's living the little sister life. :) 

Ellie got that play kitchen and those appliances last Christmas and we use them every single day, I can't recommend them enough!  The appliances all really "work" and the coffee maker even runs water through it.  She also has that puzzle, which is perfect for learning ABC's and colors.  Ellie will be getting a couple new things for her kitchen area this year, including those donuts and this ice cream counter.  Santa will be bringing Ellie some smaller gifts too like that super cute Trolls book, new nail polish, a couple dress-up accessories and bath toys since some of ours are so, so old (and getting kind of gross).  Also, I am SO excited to give her Candy Land and am hoping she loves it as much as we did as kids!

Both girls are getting unicorn sleeping bags and towels - the sleeping bag is definitely going to be more up Ellie's alley right now, but I figured Lo would want one down the road too.  The towels are technically for babies, but several reviews said their three and four year olds used them too so I figured why not?! :)  Lastly, we decided to get the girls a Radio Flyer wagon as a joint gift.  We know that we'll get tons of use out of it come spring, summer and fall, and that we (as a family!) will all probably love having it around.

I most likely won't be back on until after Thanksgiving if I'm being realistic, so I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving & long weekend with the people you love the most! :)


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