Saturday, November 25, 2017

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Keeping with tradition, I couldn't let Black Friday get away without a trip to the Christmas tree farm!  Last year was crazy at this time since we were in the midst of moving, so it felt a little bit extra special to be going to get our tree this year.  We cut our own (per my request) at the cutest tree farm around.

We walked around a for awhile before finding "the one", and stopped to get Ellie a candy cane + hot chocolate on our way out.  She later dumped said hot chocolate all over her car seat, but that's all part of the experience, right? ;)

When we got home, I strung up the lights right away, but we waited until Saturday to decorate the tree.  Ellie was a very good helper and seemed to like picking out all the different colored ornaments the best. :)

Our Elf, Clark, also came for his first visit Friday night!  Ellie doesn't seem too sure what to think about this Elf business - she was very excited until we told her she wasn't supposed to touch him.  I do have a few surprises planned with him that I think she will love, including having him bring festive breakfasts + gingerbread house supplies!  For now, Tyler and I are having fun thinking of where we will put him next... and seeing how long it takes Ells to find him in the morning!

I feel like I blinked an eye and a year has passed from last Christmas, but I'm so excited that this time of year is back again already.  Ellie is at such a good age when it comes to really getting into all of the excitement and holiday magic, and of course baby's first Christmas is pretty special too. :)


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