Sunday, August 12, 2018

Our Little Girl Gang

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted regularly and even longer since I’ve shared much about our girls.  With a new little lady in the mix, I thought I’d share an update on each one of them.  Time goes by so quickly, making these types of posts some of my favorites to look back on. :)

Ellia, 3 years - Our big girl. Ells has grown up so much over the past year.  She's at such a fun age right now - she never stops talking, has the biggest imagination and loves to keep busy.  Every morning she starts her day by asking "anybody comin' ova today?" or "where we goin' today?".  Ellie has a huge heart and loves her family and pets so much.  It's been so sweet seeing her become a big sister again, she adores her baby Islie James.  She is a do-er and loves to help us with anything she can, especially if it involves cooking.  She’s pretty fearless and I’m not sure I can remember the last time her legs weren’t covered in bruises.  I can't really pinpoint favorite toys or things to play because she seems to have a way of making fun out of anything she does.  Ells is quite the entertainer - she says the same joke my dad taught her all the time, is always telling stories, doing tricks & saying "watch dis!" seventy-six times a day.  She also loves to dance - she starts ballet & tap class back up in a few weeks and is so excited!

Willow, 14 months - Our wild child.  Holy moly, we thought Ellie was busy when she was Lo's age but had no idea what was coming for us with this one!  She is going, going, going from morning until night.  She drives me bonkers & fills my heart up to the brim all at once.  Lo loves to dance as well and thinks playing tag & running around the house with big sis Ellie is pretty much the best thing ever.  She seems to love her new baby sister too and has done better with her than I expected she would, mostly only acting jealous when she's tired or wants to eat at the same time as Islie.  Lo gives the meanest looks (wonder who she got that from?) and has the best gapped-tooth smile when she knows she’s doing something she shouldn’t be.  She went through a pretty serious stranger danger phase but has become so much more social. She’s a big fan of snacks & milky, I dread the day we try weaning her from her bottle.  Lo loves kitties, books, playing in the sink and not wearing clothes.

Islie, (almost) 6 weeks - Our peanut girlie. The sweetest addition to our little girl gang.  Islie has been a pretty easy going baby so far and for that I am forever grateful.  Her life mostly consists of eating, sleeping & trying not to get trampled by her big sister, Lo Lo “Thud/Baby Kong” Noel. She gained two pounds & grew two inches her first month, all of her eating is certainly paying off!  Islie’s little nose & facial expressions remind us so much of Ells when she was a baby.  We get so many comments on her hair, she still has way more than either of our other girls had at this age so fingers are crossed it sticks around!  She’s pretty calm and doesn’t cry much, but she does grunt like crazy.  We’ve loved getting to know our tiniest girl so far & are squeezing in all of the sweet newborn snuggles while we can.

Three little girls, you guys! Totally still pinching myself over here. :)


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